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The gourmet salt from the Austrian Alps

An exceptional salt for exceptional culinary delights. The delicate salt flakes that make up our BAD ISCHLER Salzzart product are prepared by hand, making it perfect for use as an exquisite finishing salt for mouth-watering dishes both savoury and sweet.

Finishing a dish using BAD ISCHLER Salzzart

The ultimate pleasure

The finishing salt made in Austria

The delicate flavour of our BAD ISCHLER Salzzart artisan salt makes it perfect for adding a final touch to delicacies like steaks, grilled vegetables and carpaccio. And the interplay of “sweet” and “salty” tastes turns the enjoyment of sweet creations into the ultimate pleasure for the senses as well.

The fine, pyramid-shaped salt crystals dissolve gently on the palate, a sensory experience that makes BAD ISCHLER Salzzart flakes unique amongst Austrian gourmet salts.

Presented in an elegant glass jar, these salt flakes are suitable for finishing dishes by hand in the kitchen and directly at the table. Alternatively, a high-quality BAD ISCHLER Salzzart mill with adjustable ceramic grinder mechanism can be used to scatter regularly sized salt flakes over meals.

Dedication and passion for the finest salt indulgence.

BAD ISCHLER Salzzart salt flakes

Superior pyramid-shaped flakes

Finest texture and mild flavour

The crunchy, yet melt-in-the mouth texture of these delicate pyramid-shaped salt flakes and their particularly mild flavour make for an extraordinary indulgent experience. Try the exquisite pyramid flakes for yourself and treat yourself to a culinary delight like no other.

The secret behind BAD ISCHLER Salzzart

Salzsieden unter Aufsicht der Pfannmeister

From natural brine to the finest gourmet salt

We’ve brought together the thousand-year-old technique of salt boiling with today’s wealth of experience to perfect the process of harvesting the finest Austrian gourmet salt. The purest natural brine flows out of the Austrian Alps from the centuries-old tunnels of the Dürrnberg salt mine in the federal state of Salzburg straight to our newly built demonstration and production facility in Hallein. Here, the brine is converted into the very finest gourmet salt. Under the watchful eye of our master salt-panner, this natural Alpine brine is carefully heated. Boiling leads to the production of tiny salt crystals on the surface of the brine, which join together to form pyramid-shaped flakes. These are then gently skimmed off by hand, dried and packed with lovingly care. This process results in the finest BAD ISCHLER Salzzart – the Austrian gourmet salt for exquisite moments of pleasure.

Experience gourmet salt production for yourself

Salt Manufactory in Salzburg

The long-standing tradition of salt mining and salt working on the Dürrnberg mountain in Salzburg came to an abrupt end in 1989 with the closure of the Salzburg saltworks. But it has since been brought back to life! The Salt Manufactory built in 2020 offers the opportunity to experience salt production close up in the Salzwelten Salzburg attraction. Here, the master salt-panner is happy for visitors to watch him at his work. He explains the process of salt boiling on the spot and invites questions from the audience.